Robin Olson, Spiritual Life Coach 

“You are not alone on this journey called life. Connect to Spirit and live the best version of you.”

Robin Olson

Are you ready

to get clear on what you really want for yourself?

I’m Robin Olson. I followed my calling to become a Spiritual Life Coach. Now I help others get on the path they are born to be on, too. 

There is a stillness that lies within each of us. We give ourselves the gift of spaciousness when we take time to touch it. From this spaciousness, we connect with the Divine, who is always ready to help us live our true abundant lives. All we have to do then is craft our path to living our abundant life. Are you ready to transform your life? 


Exploring Your Heart

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I use spiritual, mindfulness, and meditation techniques for you to explore what’s inside your heart.

I create a sacred space allowing you to safely express yourself because looking inside is not easy. You never know what you will find. And, then again, you might know exactly what you will find, and that can be hard to face. I get it. I have been down that road. I am an experienced guide who will walk alongside you cheering you on.

Spiritual Life Coaching takes you through a process of self-discovery to uncover you!  Some of the benefits of spiritual life coaching include: finding inner space and peace, gaining clarity and self-awareness, developing your spiritual gifts, and unleashing your unbounded, limitless self. Through Spiritual Life Coaching, you will learn how to integrate all parts of who you are into the very best version of you. 

Working together, you will learn to connect with your deeper self, clarify your purpose, create the life you’re meant to live, and celebrate all that is you!

My Services

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Spiritual Life Coaching


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With all the kid taxi-ing, grocery shopping, and busy workdays, it’s ok for you to take a pause, RIGHT NOW, and schedule this important, and free introductory session. Take the first step to finding you again by connecting with me. Together, let’s see how you can connect, clarify, create and celebrate YOU.

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